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Episode 1 is here! This is an acoustic-centric episode—steal the feed into your favorite podcasting client, or listen directly from here. My thanks to all that submitted, and apologies to those who I didn’t include; in the words of Led Zeppelin, “Your time is gonna come.”

The songs featured are:

  1. Does Anyone Care by Flyer, Reflex and Tonight’s Last Song
  2. Early Morning Jam by ToastedGoat
  3. Freely by Kings and Jim
  4. Major Turnaround by Avinash
  5. Saturday Six by VincentL
  6. How Many Times by Marino and Vicious Kitty

I’ll be taking submissions for the next episode on here shortly, so check back to see what the genre is going to be and how you can submit your tracks. Enjoy!


Hey, welcome to Vinyl Grooves.  I’m Avi, a musician looking to help other people gain exposure and find great music for people to listen to.  I’ll regularly be podcasting genre-specific highlights from the independent music community—you won’t find mainstream music; nay, no signed artists at all.

The first issue is coming soon.  I’ll be taking submissions for the next issue shortly afterwards.  Enjoy!